Finding The Best Drinking Water

In the early 1990’s Naveen Luthra and a friend named Deepak Mohan made a trip to India. After meeting some landowners Luthra decided he liked the place and bought 100 acres. With the idea of “doing something when he would retire” Luthra said.

Between 1996 and 2000 he accumulated more land. He planned to develop a “cave-room” hotel at the site.

“I realized I will need huge amounts of supplies especially for the hotel project, and started looking around” Says Luthra. One day a local approached him and informed him that the property had a natural spring that could solve his water dilemma. Luthra then had two pumps installed and started drilling.

Little did he know that he had drilled into a biological hotspot. British environmentalist Norman Myers says there are two strict criteria to qualify as a hotspot and Luthras’ site met both. Luthra then spent four years trying to find the best way to bottle the water. Launching Mulshi Springs briefly in 2008, then finally in 2009 the product was ready to launch. Immediately after the launch Oberoi Group chairman P R S or ‘Biki’ Oberoi inspected the plant and approved its use under their private label L’Quila in his hotels.

Today the Oberoi group buys 17,000 bottles a day. Mulshi spring is even available at Colette (one of the finest water bars in the world). Luthra states that “We may look at commercial exports in 2013-14”. 

Finding the best drinking water – by accident

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