Fighting Dirty Water

The article addresses the events surrounding World Water Week, which occurred on September 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the World Water Week was “dirty water,” which proved ironic given Stockholm’s internationally recognized water quality.

Poor water quality presents huge problems to the international community.

Many United Nations leaders commented on the ways in which dirty water poses a challenge to public health. Children die after ingesting unsanitary water, and poorly cleaned water supplies foster diseases, illnesses, and other undesirable conditions. Several problems prevent the world from solving the problem of dirty water. First, countries lack the resources to pay for initiatives that clean water. Secondly, very little international accountability exists for countries that do not implement adequate water sanitation measures.

Big businesses, especially, are responsible for the poor water quality in many places in the developing world. Yet according to Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, businesses also offer the solution to water sanitation challenges, since corporations and other entities can afford the high-priced water treatments that turn dirty water into a clean and sustainable water supply.

Fighting Dirty Water Is World’s New Ecological Battle – IPS

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