Fight Over Water Pollution Rules

The waters in the state of Florida are in trouble. Nitrogen and Phosphorus are forming into an algal mass, limiting the flow of oxygen and dangerously affecting not only the water in the south, but also the fish and mammals that inhabit the area, as well as the land nearby.

The state of Florida wants the right to make its own rules on regulating water pollution, and they’ve been putting up a hard struggle to do so.

A Bill is very close to being passed that will allow Florida to reduce waste in their waterways. However, they are overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency and are given strict guidelines. Environmentalists are in favor of the EPA’s interference and believe that Florida’s rules alone are not up to par.

An interview by the Southeast AgNet was held with a state representative who said that they are okay with a compromise, but they would rather proceed without much more interruption from the EPA so they can move on.

United States Representative Steve Southerland will soon announce legislation giving state officials the right to set some standards in regards to the numeric nutrients in Florida’s waterways.

Fight over water pollution rules continues in Tallahassee, D.C.

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