Distilled Water vs Spring Water

What are the differences between distilled water and spring water? This seems like a simple question that common knowledge might explain but in this article we detail exactly the differences between the two, including, uses and practicality.

Both products are easily available in most grocery stores and there are some arguments on both sides. An argument against distilled water is that it is unhealthy to drink due to its lack of minerals caused by the distillation process, its ability to remove minerals from the body, plus it shortens battery and coolant life for cars.

There are distinct flavor differences that are different from the two as well. Distilled water seems to be more bitter due to the lack of minerals whereas the spring will have a sweeter taste. Even if there is an argument that distilled water can be consumed without harm, it wouldn’t be preferred because of its taste.

In summary, spring water will most commonly be used more than distilled water. It has so many more uses and is of absolute importance to life. Distilled will have a few uses but will mainly be used for commercial purposes.

Distilled Water vs Spring Water

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