Demanding Clean Drinking Water

There’s a town in New Mexico you’ve probably never heard of; Carnuel. Residents of Carnuel, N.M. are claiming that the tap water in their community is dangerous and unsafe for consumption.

The chemicals in the water include arsenic; a harmful chemical usually found in school chemistry labs. The people at risk: the old, the young, and to some extent, everyone.

Anyone who directly or indirectly touches the water could be at risk of being in touch with harmful substances. The citizens claim that USDA involvement would only make the situation worse as they would only ‘red tape it to death’, rather than actually help. But it’s not like the USDA is even considering helping. In fact, they weren’t planning on helping the town anyway, as it’s not rural enough. The town rallies won’t change anything either, according to the USDA, because their minds are made up. The citizens are running out of options since the government won’t help them, and they can’t find a solution of their own. 

Carnuel residents demand clean drinking water

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