CuZn Water Filters

I am looking to buy a whole house filter. There are 3 people in our household. Which CuZn water filter would work best, the WH10 or the WH20?

The CuZn inline filters (WH10 and WH20) can NOT be backwashed, so the media is used up. It will last approx. 1 year sometimes much more, sometimes much less depending on the water being used. We would need a full water analysis in order to provide a precise suggestion. Media replacements can be purchased too.

The difference between the two above mentioned units are only in sizing, that is, the wh10 would hold half the amount the wh20 can hold. In overall, the more media involved, the better the treatment in addition to longevity.

The “how cuzn works” page reefers in particular to the other whole house units, the CuZn single tank system and Cuzn double tank system that would treat up to 500,000 gallons and come with an automatic backwash for optimal performance.

C-WHIL stands for Cuzn Whole House In Line. The WH10 and WH20 were once coded as WHIL-10 , WHIL-20 respectfully. They’re 2 units in total.

All CuZn filters work with the same technology. Though, the words “can be backwashed” apply to the single and double tank series only.

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