Counter Top Water Filter Replacement

We are interested in information on the countertop carbon water filter.

Some of the parts that were sent do not seem clear where they should be attached.

How long is the life of one of the carbon filters?

The counter top water filter unit comes with some instalation parts that are NOT needed for your specific sink faucet. Some faucets have different type of spouts, therefore multiple adapters are included.

These countertop water filters will fit most USA kitchen faucets, but not all, since some manufacturers didn’t yet change to universal aerator size.
If you have a foreign faucet chances are that the aerator is not a universal size.

After you connect the aerator and you install the countertop water filter cartridge, the cartridge would need to be filled with plenty of water. Get the water on, pull the filter switch so the water can go into the housing body. Wait a minute and turn the water filter housing upside down so any trapped air can be released.

At first, the housing may sputter for a while (air & water mixed), afterwards it shall flow smoothly. Once done, turn the housing back to the regular position, let the water run for about 5 minutes.

Now you should get some great tasting drinking water and there’s no need to do anything every time you want to turn the water on. Use cold water only.

Since air borne bacteria does exist, its advisable to turn the filter ON for a few seconds prior to using the filtered water. This is something that not too many would mention, but any filtered water that resides in an container which is not sealed, for any given length of time, may get air borne bacteria to enter into that water.

Even filter spouts have air born bacteria inside and on them, therefore with any water filter brand it might be good to be carful.

Alot of plumbing codes don’t allow drinking water fountains in bathrooms, the reason is because of those air borne bacteria.

After a new water filter is installed, run it for a few minutes. Sometimes, partial white or cloudy water shows there’s some air running in the water line. This is normal when you replace the filter cartridge. If you run the water for a while the clouds will disappear (unless extremely cold water is used, in which case oxygen found in the cold water could be making it look cloudy).

How to install the new water fitler cartridge: One end marked “this end next to vessel threads” would be inserted into the base of the housing unit. That end would go on the bottom, near the threads of the countertop filter body.

“How often should MatrikX Carbon Filters be replaced?”
This would be a very common question. It is also difficult to answer. It really depends on your treated water conditions, quality of purified water and the volume (usage). There is strong evidence however, that no matter which brand you have, you shall not keep a filter cartridge longer than a year (due to potential bacteria growth). Rule of thumb is: When the treated water pressure becomes lower then usual, it’s time for a new replacement.

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