Coffee Grounds Remove Bad Odors

Everyone loves coffee, but coffee can do more than provide an early morning kick or an after-dinner drink. In fact, scientists and researchers at the City College of New York, located in New York City, found a way to use old coffee grounds to get rid of the rancid smell associated with sewer gas.

According to the researchers, the nitrogen hidden inside caffeine offers the solution to the stink. Nitrogen enables carbon to reduce the amount of sulfur in the air in an efficient and effective manner. The researchers created a filter that added carbon to the coffee grounds, which helped reduce the stench associated with the hydrogen sulfide gas found in sewers.

Since the human nose can grow accustomed to this gas, the work of the researchers is especially important. The researchers also hope to increase the popularity of the sustainability movement through their work. Since many households already drink coffee frequently, Professor Bandosz, a City College scientist, hopes that commercial developments can employ these old grounds to create new filters for households across America.

Carbonized Coffee Grounds Remove Foul Smells

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