Changing Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Here’s some information on how to change the Reverse Osmosis membrane for a standard RO water purification unit

Changing RO Membrane

    Turn off the valve where water comes into the RO unit.
    Turn off the ball valve from the storage tank.
    Open the faucet of the Reverse Osmosis unit, to free pressue from the system.
    Disconnect the tube that connects to the end of the membrane housing – on the end that has only one tube going into it.
    Unscrew and open the cap of the membrane housing. Water will come pouring out.
    Pull out and discard the old membrane.

If necessary, clean membrane housing with warm soapy water.

    Insert the new membrane. Follow the direction of the arrow that’s usually on the membrane. The end with the small rings goes in first. The end with the large rubber ring (brine seal) would go in last, and face the outside of the housing. Push firmly!
    Put the cap back on and reconnect the tube to the membrane housing.
    Open the tank valve and the water inlet valve.
    Drain the tank.

Refill and drain 3 times. That means: allow 3 full tanks to fill and drain. This shall flush the preservative from the membrane prior to drinking.

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