Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters and Membranes

The following is an outline on how to change the Water Filters cartridges and your membrane for a standard RO water purification unit.

Sediment & Carbon Water Filter Cartridges.
Turn off the valve where water comes into the RO unit.
Turn off the ball valve from the storage tank.
Open the faucet of the Reverse Osmosis unit, to free pressure from the system.

    On most (non “quick change”) Units: Unscrew by turning water filter housings counter clock wise.
    Discard old water filter cartridges.
    If needed, clean the filter bowl with soapy warm water. Rinse the bowl, add 1 tablespoon of household bleach & refill with water. Wait approximately 5 minutes. Now empty the bowl and rinse well with water. Insert the new filter cartridges into the appropriate housings. NOTE: pay attention to place the first sediment filter in the right spot, i.e. the first housing and not vise versa.

Replace the O Ring if necessary. Pay attention they shall be lubricated, clean and properly positioned when tightening. Do not use any petroleum based (Vaseline) sealant since it may damage the O Ring and the unit will leak.

Post Carbon Water Filter
Unscrew both ends of the post filter housing (in most units).
Remove plastic tubes that connect to unit.
Unscrew & remove the post filter plastic fittings.
Discard the old post filter.

    The fittings shall be wrapped with Teflon tape and reconnected to new filter. Do Not Over Tighten. NOTE: pay attention the arrow on the new filter housing shall point to the flow of water toward the RO faucet.
    Tighten ends of the new water filter housing. Turn approx. 1-1/2 – to 2 more turns. Do Not Over Tighten the housings.

Here are some lines of information about Membrane Changing

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