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Water Test Kit

Recently I contacted you about a water filter for our entire house as we had just had a well drilled and were ready to have the water hooked to our house.I had a serious health problem develop so we have done nothing but are now ready to pursue having the well connected to the house.I was told by the well driller that the water contained large amounts of black sulfur and salts, although he had no way of measuring the amounts.

We need to have our water analyzed by doing a water test so that we can proceed.
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Alkaline Water Filter

Subject: Low priced alkaline water filter for our mobile home.
Comments: We have high alkaline in our water.
Do you have a filter that can go under our home?
the line is 3/4 inch.
We don’t drink the water its not good.
Please let me know what you think i can do. Something not high priced like $500. ??

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Little or no water from RO faucet

This is in regards to the TGI Reverse Osmosis 625UP/DX 6 stage 25 gpd 2gpm SS UV with Pump/ESO Purifier.
It was purchased back in December and and it now broken.
The pump does not stop and the water does not come out.
Please fix this ASAP. We do not have water to drink!

Your system is still under the warranty and TGI Pure is known for their prompt response to defective products.
However, although you’re eligible for the warranty we don’t know what the problem in your system is.
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Remove Sediment and Bacteria from lake water

Looking for replacement cartridges for a water filtration system. The cartridgers are 4 inches in diameter and 20 inches long with a 1 inch diameter hole in each end. Need case prices of 1 and 5 micron filters

You need a “Big Blue” 20″ cartridge.

In order to provide a suggestion, we need to know for what the filter is used:
o To remove sediment and particles (general filtration)
o Or to remove taste and odor (provide drinking water)

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Reverse Osmosis removes Fluoride?

Does a RO system remove Fluoride from city supplied water

The answer is: Yes, it will reduce, but not fully remove.
You may also see a nice piece debate on the Flouride removal issue.


Chloramine Filtration

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia.

To filter and get rid of chloramine, an extensive carbon block water filter (to reduce/remove chlorine part of the chloramine molecule) followed by a RO Reverse Osmosis or cation exchange filter (to remove the ammonia) is needed.


Chlorine Vs. UV Ultraviolet Water Purification

Major soft drinks groups use Ultra Violet disinfection to provide micro-biologically pure water, which helps add shelf life to their products. Soft drinks and bottled water producers build their reputations around the purity of their products, emphasizing the fact that they’re natural.

UV is the only known effective method of treating bottled water without compromising marketing assets.

Minute contaminants in rinse water, including microorganisms and total organic compounds (TOC), can adversely affect yields and must be removed by the water purification system. In order to meet these demands, UV technology for disinfection and organics removal is often used in the water treatment scheme.

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CuZn Water Filters

I am looking to buy a whole house filter. There are 3 people in our household. Which CuZn water filter would work best, the WH10 or the WH20?

The CuZn inline filters (WH10 and WH20) can NOT be backwashed, so the media is used up. It will last approx. 1 year sometimes much more, sometimes much less depending on the water being used. We would need a full water analysis in order to provide a precise suggestion. Media replacements can be purchased too.
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Water Treatment Systems For Home

The water that we drink – is it fit for consumption? Most ailments are transmitted through water – that underscores the importance of water treatment systems; especially for homes. These water treatment devices can improve the quality of water by reducing health hazards such as bacteria, chemical pollutants and other toxic substances. In addition, they also help remove nuisance problems, such as odors or hardness.

The first step towards deciding on the water treatment device to be procured is to know the quality of your water supply. This can be established by testing your water supply. While these are aspects that are to be addressed by scientific means, issues such as odor and hardness can be assessed just be observation.

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Water Treatment System

As already brought out – the first step to buying a water treatment system is to establish the quality of your water supply – on this fact rests two decisions firstly, if water treatment is needed and secondly, if treatment is needed, what kind of treatment would be most appropriate. To know the different types of treatments such as water softening and reverse osmosis and the options available – read on. The best option would be to remove the root cause itself – this is the simplest and the most economical solution to the problem – remove the source of contamination or obtain a new source of drinking water. This however, may not be possible and thus the appropriate solution would be to treat the water with a water treatment system.

Tips: When buying a Water Treatment System : ask the following questions:-

• What type/sort of testing is needed to evaluate the water supply to my home?

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