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When a Water Softener is used as an iron remover

A water softener is a fantastic piece of water treatment equipment. If it’s Properly applied, water softeners would remove hardness yielding brighter clothes, remarkeable soap savings, softer hair and skin, etc.

But in many applications, standard water softeners will remove small amounts of Iron. Unfortunately, certain characteristics of the treated water may allow iron to pass right through a water softener staining many fixtures in the home.
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WaterBoss Softener

I have a 8 yr old boss water softner and the side with the salt is filling up with water. I was told that there are “O” rings which need to be replaced and that while I am there to replace the resin cartridge. How would I find out what are the part numbers?
Comments: I lost my installation instructions for my water boss water softner. Is there a place
to download them from? I found you through an online search and hope you can help.
I have some concerns about using the Water Boss softner system with my septic system.
I have heard that it is not recommended that these salt using types be drained into a septic system. Is this true?
I have what is called ‘clear water iron’, and will be using the appropriate softner medium. Is there a concern with this draining into my septic system?
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Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic water treatment, salt free water softening – how does it work

Electronic Water Conditioners (using magnetic water treatment) use very powerful low frequency signals which effectively treat many conditions of water and flow rates.

They transmit these signals asynchronously via an aerial to create a strong magnetic field, which has the effect of altering the formation of calcium carbonate crystals (lime scale), so that they remain in suspension in small particles and do not form hard crystalline deposits (hard water scale) inside pipes, boilers and domestic appliances.

This magnetic water treatment effect will gradually erode existing limescale deposits, thereby increasing the flow and efficiency of plumbing systems.
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Brown Staining Removal

search subject: Fresh water filtering system
Comments: Domestic supply to the house comes from a local spring. The water is high in Fe and Mn salts and just exceeds European Guidelines for drinking water.
Perhaps you have some suggestions.

Water Analysis would be needed in addition to the above points.
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Alkaline Water Filter

Subject: Low priced alkaline water filter for our mobile home.
Comments: We have high alkaline in our water.
Do you have a filter that can go under our home?
the line is 3/4 inch.
We don’t drink the water its not good.
Please let me know what you think i can do. Something not high priced like $500. ??

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Boss Water Softener

subject: Water boss service technicians in my area
Comments: Can you tell if their are companies certified to service Water Boss water softners in the Green Bay, WI. region?
Comments: I HAVE A WATER BOSS MODEL # 93WR/93000 S/N 99165
I have a problem with my water softener. The reading on it is.02 And it is over flowing . i have shut off the supply. Can you tell how to correct the problem
My husband and I recently purchased a home in the country, and for the first time in our lives have well water.
The home came equiped with a Water Boss Filtration Tank. The problem is, no one told us how to use it.
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Iron Water Filters

If I buy the BBFS-222, an S1 20BB for the 1st stage, and a CP5 20 BB for the 2nd stage, what filter do you recommend for the 3rd stage to reduce iron content?

Thanks for contacting us.
First off, we don’t recommend. We only suggest.
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Nitrate Water Filter

I need a water filter for nitrates. I have some questions about the CuZn Dual Housing below sink filter. Does it waste water like reverse osmosis? And, how much do the replacement filters cost? Thanks for your help.

The CuZn water filter system does not waste any water.
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CuZn Water Filters

I am looking to buy a whole house filter. There are 3 people in our household. Which CuZn water filter would work best, the WH10 or the WH20?

The CuZn inline filters (WH10 and WH20) can NOT be backwashed, so the media is used up. It will last approx. 1 year sometimes much more, sometimes much less depending on the water being used. We would need a full water analysis in order to provide a precise suggestion. Media replacements can be purchased too.
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How water softeners work

Water Softeners

Water hardness is a common problem of water supplies. Hardness of water is mainly caused by excess calcium and magnesium. Hard water is softened by Ion exchange systems by removing the minerals causing hardness. The system also effectively removes some iron, manganese and many heavy metals. These minerals causing hardness interfere with the cleaning action of soaps and detergents and cause scale buildup in hot water pipes, water heaters and fixtures, there by requiring higher maintenance of these fixtures.

How the water is softened ?

The hard water is pumped through a tank containing an exchange resin. The sodium present on the exchange resin replaces the hardness minerals, but the sodium remains in soluble form in the softened water.
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