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Wound Cord Cartridges

In my well house I have a 20″ “Big Blue” filter housing from Ametek.
It takes 4.5 inch diameter, 20 inch cartridges.
My local Culligan dealer sells the 5 micron cartridges to me for $48.00.
It looks like there would be much better prices with non-branded culligan water filters.
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Radon Gas Water Purifier

Search Subject: Radon Gas in Well Water
Comments: Looking for a Device that would remove radon gas from water
Reply: with ANY kind of helpful information about this

Activated carbon (AC) filtration or Granular Activate Carbon (GAC) is most effective in reducing and removing organic contaminants from water.

Organic substances are composed of two basic elements, carbon and hydrogen.

Since organic chemicals are often responsible for bad taste, color and odor problems, Activated Carbon filtration can generally be used to improve aesthetically objectional water.
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Portable Water Filter for Chlorine

Okay, my water tastes like chlorine!!! I really need a portable filter.1. How much water does a 24 oz filter actually fit in it?? It seems like the pump takes up half the bottle.

One 24 oz bottle provides 200 gallons (1066 refills) of great tasting quality drinking water. Equivalent to 757 one liter bottles. Portable Water Filter for Chlorine Continued »


Some Reverse Osmosis Questions

We have a new home under construction in the remote mountains of Colorado.
In our new home, our water source will be a well and our sewage will go into a septic system. Our current home has a reverse osmosis unit so we have some knowledge of those devices.

On Wednesday of this coming week the drywall contractor will start closing the walls and ceilings. We will probably want reverse osmosis drinking water to be available at the Kitchen sink and at both sinks in the Master Bath. The Kitchen is directly above the Mechanical Room. The Master Bath is above a storage room.

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CuZn Water Filters vs. Carbon Filters

subject: replacement filters for CuZn wh10 Filter
I’m looking for whole-house water filtration that removes primarily chlorine.
Interested in low running costs.
Which is better, CuZn or active carbon?
I understand that active carbon removes chlorine etc whereas CuZn water filters converts it to a different chemical compound. Has there been any scientific tests of the health aspects of these converted compounds?
Have the CuZn filters been FDA approved?

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American Plumber w50pehda

This is a 100 micron sediment filter and I would like to know where to get it.
Thanks for your help.

The W50PEHDA you mentioned is an American Plumber Sediment Filter, but it’s not 100 micron as you indicated. It’s a Fifty micron sediment removal filter. The equivalent would be the R50-BB which is 155053-51 R50 Big Blue / 4-1/2″ x 9-3/4″ approx. size.


shower filter for chlorine

Thanks for your help about fluoride.

Could you tell me if there is an advantage using a copper/zinc shower filter for chlorine?

For chlorine only, carbon shower water filter technology may be efficient.


Ametek CSJ-C1 filter

We moved into a home that has a Ametek CSJ-C1 filter installed.
We would like to buy some replacement taste/odor filter cartridges. I
measured the old cartridge and it appears to be 9 3/4 by 2 1/2.

What choices do we have?

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Remove Sediment and Bacteria from lake water

Looking for replacement cartridges for a water filtration system. The cartridgers are 4 inches in diameter and 20 inches long with a 1 inch diameter hole in each end. Need case prices of 1 and 5 micron filters

You need a “Big Blue” 20″ cartridge.

In order to provide a suggestion, we need to know for what the filter is used:
o To remove sediment and particles (general filtration)
o Or to remove taste and odor (provide drinking water)

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Nitrate Water Filter

I need a water filter for nitrates. I have some questions about the CuZn Dual Housing below sink filter. Does it waste water like reverse osmosis? And, how much do the replacement filters cost? Thanks for your help.

The CuZn water filter system does not waste any water.
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