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Lack of Fluoride in water supply raises concern in NJ

Since many months ago public workers have stopped adding flouride to the municipal water supply of Hightstown NJ. This is according to an anonymous tip phoned in to the borough’s public health officer.

Workers have stopped adding flouride to the public water supply after a pipe broke in September of 2010.

Residents and public officials are concerned because the public was never informed of this. The public has been been drinking unflouridated water for 18 months. Local dentists have also expressed concern over the issue.
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Whirlpool WHCF-WHWC

While the Whirlpool 149010 Water Filter is well known to remove the bad taste of water, some may notice that there’s no specific reason why one shall stick with the original WHCF-WHWC replacement filter, when this can be substituted with other Whirlpool WHCF-WHWC compatiable water filter catridges. Whirlpool WHCF-WHWC Continued »

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Nitrates in Water

We are looking to buy a whole house filter system.
I have high Nitrates.
What harm can Nitrates do?
What kind of system do I need to filter out Nitrates?
I am serviced by a well that produces 12 GPM at 50 PSI. My house is 2500 sq. feet.

Initial reply: We need the water analysis before providing a suggestion.
A local water technician might be your best choice.

The reason I contacted you to ask what kind of filter will filter out nitrates is because you advertise the sale of water filters.
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US Filter “Big Blue” replacement cartridges

We are currently using the model CP5-BB water cartridge and find that we need to replace it every two weeks in order to maintain a minimal water pressure.
I viewed all of the filters that are available for the 4 1/2”x10” “Big Blue” and I was wondering which one might offer us a greater amount of time between changes.
FYI, in addition to the “Big Blue” we also have an ultraviolet water purification system and constantly providing excellent quality and innovation. are therefore not so much concerned about bacteria as much as the silt and sediment problem that we are experiencing. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in this matter.

CP5 series from Pentek has been modified to a newer model. It is now the ECP5-BB filter instead.
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Sediment Filter Micron Ratings

subject: A true 1 micron filter.

Comments: I would like to know if a pleated sediment filter is a true one micron filter and is it rated to remove cysts?
I have found that there are great differances in 1 micron filters and am looking for one to
remove sediment as small as 1 micron on initial installation.
Some are only one micron after the filter gets saturated with a given amount of sediment.

It depends what you want removed from the water.
If it’s sediment, it will do. If it’s cysts, it will not.

Pleated Cellulose-Polyester; Polypropylene; etc. are Sediment filters.
For cysts, a carbon type filter is needed.


Air Gap Faucet

Thanks for helping me with the GE smartwater gxrv10abl01 replacements.:
The faucet in that system has a long neck.
I need one and I can’t find it on the GE site, but GE sells one like that w/ the
next system up.
Can you show me with one or where to get it???
It needs to have an integral air-gap.
Again, thanks in advance

That’s known as the Air Gap Faucet


Rainsoft Replacement Filters

RainSoft has had one business and one business only, Since 1953, providing one of the best possible water treatment systems for homes anywhere around the globe.

RainSoft started with one location in Bensenville, Illinois.

Today RainSoft, a division of Aquion Water Treatment Products, is an international company with about 300 dealers in the United States and 24 other countries.

If only your pipes could talk.
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Culligan Reverse Osmosis

We have a reverse osmosis system under our kitchen sink.

It is called “Culligan Cleer.”

There are three filters.
The model numbers are:

  1. AC-15
  2. AC-15M
  3. AC-15L

Do you have something to replace these Culligan filters?
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American Plumber Whole House Automatic Filters

American Plumber announced the addition of pumps to its line of water filtration and conditioning products.

American Plumber Pumps feature a wide range of sump, sewage, and utility pumps for residential and commercial applications.

Released under the American Plumber brand name, these pumps range in horsepower from 1/6 HP to 3/4 HP with flow rates from 5 GPM to 110 GPM.

Pumps are available with either a float or vertical control switch.

The new product line also includes basin systems, a gasoline powered pump, a water level alarm, and battery powered backup pump.

Summary: American Plumber Whole House Automatic Filters Treat Problem Water

American Plumber is a division of
Plymouth Water


Clayish Silt and Iron Filtration

I am on a well that supplies water along with an amount of clayish silt and iron.
I bought a Big Blue 20″ dual filter system some time ago and have been using a S1-20BB 20 micron pleated cellulose in the first position and a CP5-20BB 5 micron pleated cellulose-polyester in the second position.
This does a pretty good job on filtering the silt but after about 4 weeks of use I start getting a rotten egg smell from the faucets and I have to drop the filters and add bleach to the system.
This goes on every 3 to 4 weeks.
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