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American Plumber WVC34 Filter

Hello –

I have an American Plumber WVC34 water filter housing and am looking for replacement cartridges.
I saw the 155001 S-1 cartridge as a replacement, which is a pleated cellulose cartridge 20 micron “sediment” filter.

The unit filters my incoming city water line that feeds the entire house.
While I’m sure the listed cartridge will fit, I’m wondering whether I’d be better off with a carbon filter cartridge to reduce unwanted taste, odor, chlorine, etc.

Two questions:
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SY-5197 Filter

subject: replacement filter for model # sy5197

This is a Dual Cartridge SY-5197 Water Filter System.


Culligan Reverse Osmosis Aqua Cleer

i have an under the cabinet culligan aqua-clear three stage system.
the serial number on the back is ac 10057618 and it shows ac30 premium, ac30m, and ac30l.
i believe its two filters and a reverse osmosis cartridge.
What are the replacements needed for this one?

The Culligan Aqua Clear RO filters all use the same granular activated carbon pre-filter, the same activated carbon post filter, and the same particulate filter.

However the reverse osmosis module/membrane varies between the units.

Also, the size of the post filter is different.

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HD-10-R50 1 micron water filters

I have a Ametek HD-10-R50 filter system. I need to know what are my choices in filters. Can you provide the item numbers and descriptions and the micron size for the ones available? Thanks.

You have a filter that’s approx. 10″ height, and 4 1/2″ width. Is this Correct?

If yes, you need a 10″ ‘BB’ Big Blue filter.

The one you currently use, or mentioned, is a sediment filter, 50 micron, to remove large particles from water.

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Ametek CTR-00 replacement

I have an old counter top Ametek model CTR-00 water filter and I need to purchase cartridges (item 155403 CBR2-10R) and I have no way to find out if this cartridge will fit my old model.Do you have more information and tell me if this cartridge will fit my old model

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Ametek RO-2127 cf1812tjg

subject: ametek replacement membrane for ro-2127
Reply: with ANY kind of helpful information about this

The Membrane is online aka CTA-15.

Full water filters replacement set for the RO-2127 is online too.


Ametek HF-360 water filter replacements

Looking for the filters for Model #HF-360, for our RV

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ROM-16C Kleen-Plus by Ametek ro-2127

RO membrane and filters for a RO filtration system

Comments: Kleen-Plus by Ametek Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Model RO-2127
I have found the following filters online CC-10 and P5

I could not find ROM-16C membrane.

I would like to get a few of all three.

The ROM-16C would be replaced by the CTA-15

All cartridges including the Membrane are online at: RO-2127 Kleen Plus


RainSoft Reverse Osmoses system

subject: Replacment Filters for my RainSoft Reverse Osmoses system
Reply: with ANY kind of helpful information about this

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