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Watts Water Technologies

For Watts Water Technologies, it is products like Premier Reverse-Osmosis System that gives firm confidence that its a formidable force in the industry.

The Watts Water Technologies family of companies says their products and services are developed with five focus areas in mind, known as the “Five Pillars.” These pillars are: comfort, quality, conservation, safety, and control.

Their products are used in a number of places such as offices, homes, and industrial settings. Each principle of the Five Pillars system carries an important value. Watts Water Technologies Continued »

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Replacements for John Guest Inline Filters

Many consumers find it difficult to remove the old tubing from their John Guest inline filter or connector.

Once you know how it works, it’s rather simple to replace.

Follow the instructions at the above link. Replacements for John Guest Inline Filters Continued »

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Replacement Water Filters

A study on replacement water filters was conducted through UA researchers and the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, as they teamed up in conducting this test to determine the effectiveness of different types of replacement water filters found in many housholds.

The tests are looking to see how the different models of drinking water filters handle pharmaceutical, pesticides, hygiene products and hormone contaminates that are often found in the water and for which various replacement water filters are used.

Replacement Water Filters Continued »

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Whirlpool Water Filters

Whether your water comes from the city or a private well, you can rely on the Whirlpool Water Filters available at many local Lowe’s outlets.

Many consumers, who are increasingly tired of the low quality of standard municipal tap water, have been trying to find new alternative sources for good, safe, purified drinking water. Technologies in the industry such as reverse osmosis RO and membrane filtration have become more and more common, since many people are now using products such as whirlpool and related water filters to improve the quality of their drinking water. Whirlpool Water Filters Continued »


HD-15-R50 Water Filter

I have 2 Ametek water filter home units.

1) a two cartridge undercounter unit, the only numbers on the housing is Model CCF- Units, Chemical Contaminent Filter

2) Ametek HD-15-R50 Dirt Rust Filter

Can you tell me which replacement filters will work?

HD-15-R50 Water Filter Continued »


US Filter “Big Blue” replacement cartridges

We are currently using the model CP5-BB water cartridge and find that we need to replace it every two weeks in order to maintain a minimal water pressure.
I viewed all of the filters that are available for the 4 1/2”x10” “Big Blue” and I was wondering which one might offer us a greater amount of time between changes.
FYI, in addition to the “Big Blue” we also have an ultraviolet water purification system and constantly providing excellent quality and innovation. are therefore not so much concerned about bacteria as much as the silt and sediment problem that we are experiencing. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in this matter.

CP5 series from Pentek has been modified to a newer model. It is now the ECP5-BB filter instead.
US Filter “Big Blue” replacement cartridges Continued »


Omnipure Filter company K Water Purfiers

The demand for omnipure K series filter in the market is because of its unique feature that it can be used as system component. This is so because the filtered can conveniently be fitted into the filter cap without any problem.

K-series filtration systems by Omnipure are well textured, with easy grip handles for easy operation. It contains dirty/clean indicator on its pressure gauge which accurately indicates when cleaning is required. Some also have the special feature that it inhibits an anti-corrosive, heavy duty tank clamp which can uphold tanks with high weights also. It has good resistance against Ultra violet rays. It cannot corrode. It also accommodated an easy grip thermoplastic tank. Because of its compact design almost no plumbing applications are needed. It can easily fit anywhere.

Inline Water Filter Taste and Odor and chlorine flter 1/4” Female NPT 5 Micron 10 inches.

Carbon Inline K2333 BB Filter MicroLine S7206C-06 and Microline S7206W omnipure CL6RO T33 NPT 1/4” thread female 6 inches.

Omnipure Filter company K Water Purfiers Continued »


Ametek HD-15

subject: House hold Filter & O RingComments: Ametek Model HD 15

The USFilter 150238 is same as Pentek (ametek) HD-10 housing.

The Water Filter Housing and O-Rings HD-15 can be found online.

The human body takes up approx 70% water, and it is important that you replenish your body’s supply with 8 glasses of purified water each day. If the water is not completely pure, Water filters are essential for healthy living. This will lead to a healthy body and a better quality of life. Using purified water would help reduce the contaminants in your water so you can attain your goal of having cleaner water and a healthier body!


American Plumber WC34 PR Filter

Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, American Plumber (link) manufactures professional grade water filtration systems, housings, cartridges and water treatment equipment for the plumbing wholesale channel.

American Plumber parent company, Pentair, is a St. Paul-based manufacturer whose core businesses compete in the tools, water technologies, and enclosures markets.

Pentair employs thousands of people in more than 50 locations around the world.

WC34PR American Plumber Filter replacements are online.


Culligan C-2 Water Filter Cartridges

Hi: My question is…I have a filter system on our Ice Machine , this is a counter machine water and Ice…I use the Culligan C-2 Cartridge for replacement, and was looking around and found other kinds of the same size, I seen a filter #155031 R30-478, my problem with the filter i use now is
that sometime i get this dirty sediment. Am I using the right filter replacement cartridge?
Thank you

The C-2 filters are for taste & odor filtration (better quality), while the R30 are for sediment removal (first stage filtration).

If you get sediment in the water after it was filtered by the C2, this indicates filters are due for replacement.


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