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Can you drink distilled water for your health

Can You Drink Distilled Water? Some say it’s healthier than standard tap water, since it does not contain any toxins or impurities. However, others say it is not as good as simple untreated water since all those so-called good minerals are removed and this may cause health issues.

(Note: This is not about different types of water distiller reviews, pro and con, which is mentioned elsewhere and can be read here. It’s only about the issue itself, unrelated of the device used.)
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WaterWise 4000 Distiller Glass Bottle

We are pleased to announce that the manufacturer of WaterWise Distillers has changed from the old plastic bottle collectors due to popular demand. The Model 4000 now comes with a glass collector bottle instead of a plastic one.
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WaterWise Distiller Details

Waterwise 9000 is a modern, effective and advance water purification appliance that is simple to manage and operate.

It has got a modern day euro style look that adds to the looks of any kitchen or dining space. Its advanced design consists of a heating element and a fan-delayed launch for superior efficiency.

Using Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller is extremely easy. One just has to fill the boiler with tap water and then he or she needs to plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. As we press the start button, the purification process starts to take place and as the water treatment finishes, it automatically shuts down.

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Kenmore Distiller 625.34440 Replacement

I have a Kenmore Distiller Model# 625.34440.
I am looking for the post carbon filters that go with the distiller.
Sears used to sell them but no longer carry them.
I see a similar water distiller online and would like to know if there’s available post carbon filters for the Waterwise distiller.
If the answer is yes, would they fit the Kenmore Water Distiller ? (the distillers look the same)?

WaterWise Carbon Filters for the Water Wise Distillers are available.
However, not sure it will fit your Kenmore Distiller.


Removing Salt from Water

Reverse Osmosis can treat salty water?

I would like to know if both the Reverse Osmosis and the Distilled Water Systems remove salt from the treated water. Has a test been conducted that I might see the results of water before treatment and after treatment? thanks.

The answer is Yes.

Both technologies, Reverse Osmosis and/or Water Distillation would remove the salt.
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WaterWise Distillers

In a recent article in DirectMag, titled Three Paths to Purification, Thomas L Collins discussed Marketing Issues for the WaterWise Water Distillers among other units.

Says Collins:

Such is the case with the ad for Waterwise water distillers that a reader recently sent me.
Coincidentally, there was an ad in Newsweek recently for another kind of water purifier, one by Brita.
It used a drastically different creative approach than both the Waterwise ad and my makeover.

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