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UV Water Purification

In many areas around the world, waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, cholera, dysentery, and infectious hepatitis would kill several hundreds of children each and every hour of the day. In addition to this horror, billions of work productivity hours are lost each year.

In many developing countries, the luxury of tap water is not an option. About 2 thirds of humans on earth get drinking water from outside their dwelling.

To address this health and energy issue, an effort was set upon by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Indoor Environment Program to introduce a UV water purifier that would work in developing countries.

The device to provide a durable and inexpensive unit that can be setup locally and maintained easily. The result: UV Waterworks.

Another unit with a twist, to Ultra Violet Purification.

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Trojan UV Lamps

The new TrojanUVMax Pro Series introduces revolutionary product advances, all designed to provide ultra violet water confidence.

The Trojan Ultraviolet lamp is the heart of any UV Purifier system, and the TrojanUVMax Pro Series has more heart than ever.

The Ultra Violet lamp makes use of revolutionary new technology that delivers significantly greater power, stable UV output and longer life.

With the new UV lamps, the dose required is the dose delivered – all the time.

Why is that so?
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More on TGI Reverse Osmosis Ultra Violet

Can you tell me what this system, TGI 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, filters from the water, how much and how was it tested

The answer to your question in one word: EVERYTHING. The system you inquired about got the WQA Gold Seal. More on TGI Reverse Osmosis Ultra Violet Continued »


When to replace the Ultra Light bulb

How often should I replace my UV bulb?

That’s a good question. You see, many manufacturers recommend to replace your uv bulb once every 12 months of continuous use. However, it really depends on the condition and specific unit in question.

Although the ultra-violet bulb appears to be in working condition, that is you see it emitting visible light, it still may not be good enough to emit at the required 254nm wavelength; therefore it’s advisable not to rely on a simple visual test.

In addition to the above, you may wish to clean the glass whenever you are replacing the bulb since any blockage might impair the effectiveness of the UV light, resulting in a ultra violet malfunction.


Chlorine Vs. UV Ultraviolet Water Purification

Major soft drinks groups use Ultra Violet disinfection to provide micro-biologically pure water, which helps add shelf life to their products. Soft drinks and bottled water producers build their reputations around the purity of their products, emphasizing the fact that they’re natural.

UV is the only known effective method of treating bottled water without compromising marketing assets.

Minute contaminants in rinse water, including microorganisms and total organic compounds (TOC), can adversely affect yields and must be removed by the water purification system. In order to meet these demands, UV technology for disinfection and organics removal is often used in the water treatment scheme.

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Purtex 5 micron 10 inch filter

Re: Purtrex 5 micron 9 7/8″ repl filter

The filter is online at Sediment 5 Micron Filter.
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