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Some Reverse Osmosis Questions

We have a new home under construction in the remote mountains of Colorado.
In our new home, our water source will be a well and our sewage will go into a septic system. Our current home has a reverse osmosis unit so we have some knowledge of those devices.

On Wednesday of this coming week the drywall contractor will start closing the walls and ceilings. We will probably want reverse osmosis drinking water to be available at the Kitchen sink and at both sinks in the Master Bath. The Kitchen is directly above the Mechanical Room. The Master Bath is above a storage room.

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TGI Reverse Osmosis

Please advise if the TGI-525 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Unit, or the TGI-625 6 stage RO system for the home comes included with a tank to store the purified water.
If yes, is it made of aluminum or steel?

They’re all Steel Tanks, made by the leader in this industry: Amtrol


Culligan Reverse Osmosis Aqua Cleer

i have an under the cabinet culligan aqua-clear three stage system.
the serial number on the back is ac 10057618 and it shows ac30 premium, ac30m, and ac30l.
i believe its two filters and a reverse osmosis cartridge.
What are the replacements needed for this one?

The Culligan Aqua Clear RO filters all use the same granular activated carbon pre-filter, the same activated carbon post filter, and the same particulate filter.

However the reverse osmosis module/membrane varies between the units.

Also, the size of the post filter is different.

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I’m trying to locate a replacement reverse osmosis membrane.
The labels says: FASTEK MEMBRANES, Model TLC-18, S/N 8285-0059.

Fastek Membranes are standard sized units. Same as the Desal osmonics (with a different label).


Little or no water from RO faucet

This is in regards to the TGI Reverse Osmosis 625UP/DX 6 stage 25 gpd 2gpm SS UV with Pump/ESO Purifier.
It was purchased back in December and and it now broken.
The pump does not stop and the water does not come out.
Please fix this ASAP. We do not have water to drink!

Your system is still under the warranty and TGI Pure is known for their prompt response to defective products.
However, although you’re eligible for the warranty we don’t know what the problem in your system is.
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Ametek RO-2127 cf1812tjg

subject: ametek replacement membrane for ro-2127
Reply: with ANY kind of helpful information about this

The Membrane is online aka CTA-15.

Full water filters replacement set for the RO-2127 is online too.


Reverse Osmosis removes Fluoride?

Does a RO system remove Fluoride from city supplied water

The answer is: Yes, it will reduce, but not fully remove.
You may also see a nice piece debate on the Flouride removal issue.


Changing Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Here’s some information on how to change the Reverse Osmosis membrane for a standard RO water purification unit

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Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters and Membranes

The following is an outline on how to change the Water Filters cartridges and your membrane for a standard RO water purification unit.
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REVERSE OSMOSIS unit makes water flow slow

When I put in (replace) the 15 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis membrane, I lose water pressure to almost a drip.
Is this normal?

It’s possibly one of the following three issues:

REVERSE OSMOSIS UNIT Makes water slow.
o Normal R.O. process.
– Your 15 gpd Reverse Osmosis water purification system makes water a drop at a time. 3 gallons storage tank should be full in 6 – 10 hours.

o Low water pressure.
– Increase to 50 psi. Check for kinked tubes.

o Filters clogged.
– Replace filters.

o Membrane not installed correctly.
– Ensure installation is correct.


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