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Ametek PP30-BB

Last December I ordered 3 water filters for a Big Blue filter.

The number was 155121 PP30-BB

The sizes are 4 1/2″ x 10″ it’s 30 micron – Pleated Polypropylene.

This filter no longer appears on the list of options. Is there a different number that replaces this filter.

Also, I would like to try a smaller micron filter (10 micron?) – what filter would work?

Thank you.

As you stated, the 30 micron PP30-BB is no longer available.

However you may wish to consider the R30-BB which is!
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pH Balanced Reverse Osmosis System

There are many ways of water purification and treatment available today. The market in fact has become overwhelmed with water purification products, and it might be difficult to know which option would best suit ones needs.

Each way of water treatment has its goods and bads, there are particular situations for which each type of system is ideal. Some filters are ideal for tap water, some for swimming pools water fitness.

In the online About Water pages, the consumer can find comprehensive, interesting sources of information about water treatment alternatives, bottled water quality, and water filter products, including a listing of several general water facts.

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WaterBoss Softener

I have a 8 yr old boss water softner and the side with the salt is filling up with water. I was told that there are “O” rings which need to be replaced and that while I am there to replace the resin cartridge. How would I find out what are the part numbers?
Comments: I lost my installation instructions for my water boss water softner. Is there a place
to download them from? I found you through an online search and hope you can help.
I have some concerns about using the Water Boss softner system with my septic system.
I have heard that it is not recommended that these salt using types be drained into a septic system. Is this true?
I have what is called ‘clear water iron’, and will be using the appropriate softner medium. Is there a concern with this draining into my septic system?
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Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic water treatment, salt free water softening – how does it work

Electronic Water Conditioners (using magnetic water treatment) use very powerful low frequency signals which effectively treat many conditions of water and flow rates.

They transmit these signals asynchronously via an aerial to create a strong magnetic field, which has the effect of altering the formation of calcium carbonate crystals (lime scale), so that they remain in suspension in small particles and do not form hard crystalline deposits (hard water scale) inside pipes, boilers and domestic appliances.

This magnetic water treatment effect will gradually erode existing limescale deposits, thereby increasing the flow and efficiency of plumbing systems.
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GE Water Treatment expo

June 5 07

  • GE will be conducting a Dealer expo in conjunction with the Great Lakes WQA Convention being held in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan on June 14 & 15 ’07.
  • The Dealer Expo will be held the day before on Wednesday, June 13th at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. (This is the same resort as the convention.)

    This event is sponsored by the Midwest OEM’s and provides all dealers with the opportunity to be trained.You can register at autotroldealer.

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    John Guest Connector

    subject: the Plactic Connector for CL1030T33B, the small one with the hexagon shaped end.
    Comments: This connects to the water.

    The Connector you described are known in the RO and/or water filters industry as John Guest.

    Here’s a link to one of the online stores that carry these.