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American Plumber WVC34 Filter

Hello –

I have an American Plumber WVC34 water filter housing and am looking for replacement cartridges.
I saw the 155001 S-1 cartridge as a replacement, which is a pleated cellulose cartridge 20 micron “sediment” filter.

The unit filters my incoming city water line that feeds the entire house.
While I’m sure the listed cartridge will fit, I’m wondering whether I’d be better off with a carbon filter cartridge to reduce unwanted taste, odor, chlorine, etc.

Two questions:
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Penair RFC Filter

I am interested in buying an Ametek Big Blue RFC cartridge.
If I buy 3, how long can I keep the 2 extra cartridges before I use them?
Is there an expiration date on these cartridges?
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SY-5197 Filter

subject: replacement filter for model # sy5197

This is a Dual Cartridge SY-5197 Water Filter System.


Ametek CCF-201

I have just moved into an apartment and the unit has a water filter system mounted beneath the kitchen sink with a faucet on top.
The brand is Ametek and the mounting bracket has a logo which reads “Water-Safe” in blue script. I don’t know how long the filters have been in use, but I would like to change them.
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Ametek PVH S1 cold water filter

subject: replacement filter for Ametek model PVH S1 cold water filter for Dirt & Rust

Comments: the housing is 20″ long and 4″ wide at

I’m not sure, but assume the S1-20 is what you’re looking for.


CBC-20 vs. GAC-20

What are the quality differences between #155312 (CBC20-BB) and #155249 (GAC20-BB)?

The CBC filters come with smaller micron ratings.
Result: better quality filtration.
Downside: faster clogging and frequent need to replace cartridge.


CCF Replacements

I just moved into a house this past Winter that has an under the counter filtration system Model CCF -UNITS, Chemical contaminate filter.
I’m looking for the filter for the first time and I’m not even sure where to start to match the filter.
Thanks for all the help you can send my way!
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CMR-302 Under Sing Water Filter Replacements

I’m looking to replace the following items:
Part numbers for cartridges for Pentair Model CMR-302 MULTI-PUIRPOSE FILTRATION SYSTEM

These Water Filter Replacements are online.


US-560 Filter Replacement

subject: Filter Replacement

Comments: We have a Pentek Model Number US 560.

Don’t know which filter to purchase. Also, how often should the filters be replaced?

Thank you.

The Discontinued Model Ametek US-560 would use the CULLIGAN D-30 filters


Wound Cord Cartridges

In my well house I have a 20″ “Big Blue” filter housing from Ametek.
It takes 4.5 inch diameter, 20 inch cartridges.
My local Culligan dealer sells the 5 micron cartridges to me for $48.00.
It looks like there would be much better prices with non-branded culligan water filters.
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