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Culligan AC-30

I have a Culligan AC-30 with 3/8″ and some 1/4″ Guest fittings.
Is the OmniPure K2333KK the right post carbon filter?
How does the RO membrane compare to the one they used in area, filtering ability, etc.
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GE Filter Replacements

I have a GE smartwater gxrv10abl01 water filtering system. I see the 155268
CBR2-10 listed as a replacment filter, but only as the POST filter, not the PRE filter. Why?

GE states that it’s filter, the fxp12 is used as BOTH the pre and post filters.
Can I use this 155268 CBR2-10 as BOTH filters??
Is there any (dis)advantages???
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Rainsoft Replacement Filters

RainSoft has had one business and one business only, Since 1953, providing one of the best possible water treatment systems for homes anywhere around the globe.

RainSoft started with one location in Bensenville, Illinois.

Today RainSoft, a division of Aquion Water Treatment Products, is an international company with about 300 dealers in the United States and 24 other countries.

If only your pipes could talk.
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Culligan Reverse Osmosis

We have a reverse osmosis system under our kitchen sink.

It is called “Culligan Cleer.”

There are three filters.
The model numbers are:

  1. AC-15
  2. AC-15M
  3. AC-15L

Do you have something to replace these Culligan filters?
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Culligan Water Filters CT-2 Discontinued

This CT-2 Water Filters have been around for nice couple of years. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. So one might ask: what was so good about this unit?

It was a counter top water filter that lasted long.
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Ametek HD-15

subject: House hold Filter & O RingComments: Ametek Model HD 15

The USFilter 150238 is same as Pentek (ametek) HD-10 housing.

The Water Filter Housing and O-Rings HD-15 can be found online.

The human body takes up approx 70% water, and it is important that you replenish your body’s supply with 8 glasses of purified water each day. If the water is not completely pure, Water filters are essential for healthy living. This will lead to a healthy body and a better quality of life. Using purified water would help reduce the contaminants in your water so you can attain your goal of having cleaner water and a healthier body!


American Plumber WC34 PR Filter

Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, American Plumber (link) manufactures professional grade water filtration systems, housings, cartridges and water treatment equipment for the plumbing wholesale channel.

American Plumber parent company, Pentair, is a St. Paul-based manufacturer whose core businesses compete in the tools, water technologies, and enclosures markets.

Pentair employs thousands of people in more than 50 locations around the world.

WC34PR American Plumber Filter replacements are online.


Great Tahoe Spring TGI-GTS

I have a Great Tahoe Spring 5- Stage low pressure RO System and I’m trying to find a place to purchase replacement filter cartridges.

The TGI GTS Great Tahoe Spring Repalcements page has them all. Details below.

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Culligan C-2 Water Filter Cartridges

Hi: My question is…I have a filter system on our Ice Machine , this is a counter machine water and Ice…I use the Culligan C-2 Cartridge for replacement, and was looking around and found other kinds of the same size, I seen a filter #155031 R30-478, my problem with the filter i use now is
that sometime i get this dirty sediment. Am I using the right filter replacement cartridge?
Thank you

The C-2 filters are for taste & odor filtration (better quality), while the R30 are for sediment removal (first stage filtration).

If you get sediment in the water after it was filtered by the C2, this indicates filters are due for replacement.


Ametek PS-C1 Replacement

I have a 1996 Country Couch motor home.
The main filter to the water system is in a bay under the coach and the only number I can find is “AMETEK PS-C1
I haven’t had much luck finding a replacement.
What filter do I need and how much are they?
(I would like to order six of them for spares)

Seems the be the C-1 filter.


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