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How can I open a stuck filter housing?

Subject: 20 inch water filter housing

How do I remove the filter? Which direction do I turn in order to be able to remove the filter housing.
How do I remove a water filter housing that appears to be stuck?

If you are referring to a filter cartridge with a spin on type housing, you first need to make sure that the pressure is relieved from the housing “completely” before you try removing the filter housing.

If there’s still some water pressure left in the system, all your efforts may be in vain.

The housing is turned on to the unit clockwise.

So obviously, the filter housing can be removed when turning it counter-clockwise. How can I open a stuck filter housing? Continued »

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Spanner Wrench for filter housings

Could you please confirm the correct spanner wrench for the Pentair 150067 filter case.

The 150067 is a STANDARD filter housing.

That would take the SW-2 Spanner Wrench. Online at Ahdorma. Spanner Wrench for filter housings Continued »

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Whirlpool WHCFDUF

While visiting the Whirlpool online page, entitled “Drinking Water Filtration Comparison”, they show links to three of their Under Sink Main Faucet Filtration. One is called Whirlpool Gold Standard Capacity also know as whirlpool whcfduf, the other is called Whirlpool Gold UltraEase, and the third is called Whirlpool Gold UltraEase Plus. Nice names. But what’s the difference? clicking further takes you to their 404 not found page.

The Whirlpool WHCF-DUF can be found online, as well as the Whirlpool reverse osmosis which are Replacements for WHER PF. Whirlpool WHCFDUF Continued »


KX 10- filters discontinued, Replaced by CT filters

While consumers enjoyed the Matrikx 10-250-190-975 for a long time, these filters have been discontinued since the beginning of this year ’10. Major suppliers and distributors have gone through their inventory and it’s currently virtually almost impossible to get any more.

The +10/2 Cartridge with the 10- prefix, has been discontinued. The 32- CT cartridges are it’s Kx recommended replacement.

All MATRIKX Extruded Carbon Filters use FDA compliant materials in it’s manufacturing process. Some of the specific models are designed to meet the Standards 42 and 53 of NSF and/or ANSI . The Kx tech extruded carbon filter elements may be used in potable water applications, as well as for commercial, industrial, and food service applications.

Furthermore, KX filters prefix numbers may have been changed as follows.

  • The +CTO/2 Cartridge with the 32- prefix, has changed to CT.
    CT-250-125-975, CT-250-125-20, CT-425-125-975, CT-425-125-20
    KX 10- filters discontinued, Replaced by CT filters Continued »
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    GE FXWSC Water Filters

    How much would you charge for GE Model: FXWSC Sediment Water Filters or a replacement for that if you have that? I would like a large quantity… Case?

    GE FXWSC Water Filters Continued »


    MatrikX Carbon Water Filters

    KX Technologies holds many patents and trademarks in custom water filtration technologies and systems. According the Kx technologies, formerly known as Kx Industries, below are some of their innovations in the filtration technology:

    First to provide extruded activated carbon block filters, First to present miniature ”critical health claim” faucet mount and refrigerator cup water filter. They were first to introduce PLEKx water filtration. Kx Technologies came up with the first refrigerator cassette water filter and first installed refrigerator air/odor filter and many more.

    The company was formed in 1989 originally as a LP (Limited Partnership) between Exxon Chemical Corp. and KT Corp. Marmon Water LLC acquired the assets of KX Industries LP in ’07, with the business going forward as KX Technologies LLC.

    The MATRIKX water filter Line of Carbon Water Filters are a great deal for much less than many different brands.

    MatrikX Carbon Water Filters Continued »


    US Filter “Big Blue” replacement cartridges

    We are currently using the model CP5-BB water cartridge and find that we need to replace it every two weeks in order to maintain a minimal water pressure.
    I viewed all of the filters that are available for the 4 1/2”x10” “Big Blue” and I was wondering which one might offer us a greater amount of time between changes.
    FYI, in addition to the “Big Blue” we also have an ultraviolet water purification system and constantly providing excellent quality and innovation. are therefore not so much concerned about bacteria as much as the silt and sediment problem that we are experiencing. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in this matter.

    CP5 series from Pentek has been modified to a newer model. It is now the ECP5-BB filter instead.
    US Filter “Big Blue” replacement cartridges Continued »


    Choosing the right Water Filter

    Standard Carbon filters also fit into the 10 inch filters, such as the GAC-10 155109
    GAC-10 155109

    A more advanced carbon cartridge is the CBR2-10 155268
    CBR2-10 155268

    Sediment filters are such as the PD-10-934 155750
    PD-10-934 155750

    Choosing the right Water Filter Continued »


    Sediment Filter Micron Ratings

    subject: A true 1 micron filter.

    Comments: I would like to know if a pleated sediment filter is a true one micron filter and is it rated to remove cysts?
    I have found that there are great differances in 1 micron filters and am looking for one to
    remove sediment as small as 1 micron on initial installation.
    Some are only one micron after the filter gets saturated with a given amount of sediment.

    It depends what you want removed from the water.
    If it’s sediment, it will do. If it’s cysts, it will not.

    Pleated Cellulose-Polyester; Polypropylene; etc. are Sediment filters.
    For cysts, a carbon type filter is needed.


    w38-pra replacement

    subject: replacement filter for w38-praComments: we could not find a replacement filter for

    please reply with further details.

    Any 10 inch Standard cartridge would fit.
    Approximate dimension: 2-1/2” x 9-3/4”

    For sediment removal the most common filter is: # 155014 P5

    For Drinking Water the most common is: 155155 CC-10 or 155162 CBC-10

    American Plumber is owned by the Pentair. Same ownership of Ametek (former brand), Plymouth, Culligan, USFilter amongst other brands.

    Hope this helps.


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