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Question and Answers going public

After years of submitting replies to inquires in the water treatment field, the time has come to have these announced and let the public get this Free information online. We’re updating the archives to show all postings. Any comments are welcome.



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UPS Ground to Alaska

Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii can now be shipped via UPS ground.

UPS ground to Alaska or Hawaii would normally be cheaper than USPS unless the item is very light.

For APO and FPO addresses one would need to select the US Mail shipping option, as this is the only normal ground option available.

In some cases a shipping calculator system may underestimate the actual shipping costs if the package is not regular due to oversize.

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Water Treatment System

As already brought out – the first step to buying a water treatment system is to establish the quality of your water supply – on this fact rests two decisions firstly, if water treatment is needed and secondly, if treatment is needed, what kind of treatment would be most appropriate. To know the different types of treatments such as water softening and reverse osmosis and the options available – read on. The best option would be to remove the root cause itself – this is the simplest and the most economical solution to the problem – remove the source of contamination or obtain a new source of drinking water. This however, may not be possible and thus the appropriate solution would be to treat the water with a water treatment system.

Tips: When buying a Water Treatment System : ask the following questions:-

• What type/sort of testing is needed to evaluate the water supply to my home?

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When seeking a simple yet effective means to control contamination of water – the answer lies in a filtration system. These are a relatively simple and effective way to control a variety of contaminants. Filter systems are of various types. Some of these are mechanical filters, activated carbon filters, oxidizing filters and neutralizing filters. The moot point to be borne in mind with respect to filtration systems is that they are designed for use only on potable water. This means is that the water supply where they are used should be clean, uncontaminated and suitable for drinking.


Mission Statement

We’ve all noticed patterns in life and in the world around us and tried, often without success, to communicate to others in a manner that might be helpful.

Up until recently, we realized that the main error lay in not choosing our audience carefully.

Ok, one might ask:

What is this blog for?

Working in the water treatment industry, we just realized how many people are steadfastly trundling along through the system with no clues but grim expressions on their faces.

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