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Water Quality Standards

In Northern Virginia, there is a higher concentration of e. coli bacteria than there should be. E. Coli grows in the digestive tracts of mammals in the area and gets into the local watershed through their waste product.
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Distilled Water vs Spring Water

What are the differences between distilled water and spring water? This seems like a simple question that common knowledge might explain but in this article we detail exactly the differences between the two, including, uses and practicality.
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Watsonville “Flouride Free” Tap Water

For almost 10 years there was a battle between state health officials who wanted to add fluoride to the water in Watsonville. Their intention was fluoride drinking water to improve oral health, but Watsonville city leaders opposed to it. This battle ended Thursday.
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Fluoride In Drinking Water

This article looks at the topic of the positive and negative aspects of fluoridated water in Canada. After a recent vote at a council meeting provided just a slim victory for the case for fluoridation, the topic seems to have attracted renewed interest from a range of health professionals.
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Help Protect Our Water Supply

The Long Island Water Conference reminds all Long Island residents that while Long Island benefits from abundant access to clean water in the form of deep, underground aquifers, it is important to take measures to protect that resource from pollution and contamination.
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Demanding Clean Drinking Water

There’s a town in New Mexico you’ve probably never heard of; Carnuel. Residents of Carnuel, N.M. are claiming that the tap water in their community is dangerous and unsafe for consumption.
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Protecting Rural Water Supplies

Protecting rural water supplies is a key environmental challenge for the twenty first century. Clean water is a necessity to all of us. The need to develop a source water plan is a top priority for governments on the national and local levels.
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Sediment & Carbon Filter


I recently got a water filter system, and I need to replace the filters.

The current filter say’s a model which I don’t recognize. … [Seems discontinued]

Looking at various places, it would appear I could use a number of different filters for this system.

Which filters can be used with this system?
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Contaminated Water in NYC

U.S. Water News Online reports about the City Of New York Government seeing a Car Wash facility in Queens NY, as the possible source of contaminated water.

The city tested water drawn from a well and used by a car wash in Queens, to determine if it might have contaminated the water in many neighborhoods, with a chemical used by auto body repair shops.

The DEP of NY (That’s the Department of Environmental Protection) claims that tests have shown falling levels of tetrachloroethylene, a chemical also known as PERC.

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