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Drink Water for a Healthier Body!

Here’s a good idea: drink water-to your health!

Instead of spending money on trendy and expensive ways to stay healthy and to lose weight, a turn of the faucet can offer a more natural and less expensive choice. Sports drinks are fine but your blood isn’t 92% Gatorade. Pricy powders and supplements don’t make up two thirds of your brain matter and muscle mass. What does? Good old H2O.

Concerned about impurities in your tap water? no reason to be concerned today with all the water filtration companies out there that will help you keep yourself well-hydrated and keep your insides healthy. It helps stave off hypertension, renal problems, and is essential for balancing your electrolytes. Your muscles and internal organs need it. Drink Water for a Healthier Body! Continued »

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Water More Scarce Than Fuel

One of the biggest issues across the world is the price of gas. I remember right before I started driving, gas hadn’t even peaked at $1. Now, the gas is so expensive you can’t even afford to go on long trip, on a vacation, or just leisure driving.
Water More Scarce Than Fuel Continued »

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Organisms Not Visible To Humans

Things are big, small, thin, round, and tall. Such as, people, objects, animals, and even things that a human can’t see (or touch) with the bare eye. What people don’t understand or realize is, what lies beneath the physical surface or structure and what is deep within.
Organisms Not Visible To Humans Continued »

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Well-Water Testing

Well water is a great option for those of us who live in areas where county water isn’t an option. It has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages? No water bills, no worries about using too much and you don’t have to remember to pay the bill.
Well-Water Testing Continued »

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Coffee Grounds Remove Bad Odors

Everyone loves coffee, but coffee can do more than provide an early morning kick or an after-dinner drink. In fact, scientists and researchers at the City College of New York, located in New York City, found a way to use old coffee grounds to get rid of the rancid smell associated with sewer gas.
Coffee Grounds Remove Bad Odors Continued »

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Fighting Dirty Water

The article addresses the events surrounding World Water Week, which occurred on September 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the World Water Week was “dirty water,” which proved ironic given Stockholm’s internationally recognized water quality.
Fighting Dirty Water Continued »

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Students Developed Water Filter

The AquaClara water purification team headed by environmental and civil engineering senior lecturer Monroe Weber-Shirk were able to attend a party during their two week stay in the Country of Honduras.
Students Developed Water Filter Continued »

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Finding The Best Drinking Water

In the early 1990’s Naveen Luthra and a friend named Deepak Mohan made a trip to India. After meeting some landowners Luthra decided he liked the place and bought 100 acres. With the idea of “doing something when he would retire” Luthra said.
Finding The Best Drinking Water Continued »

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E. Coli In Towns’ Water Supply

The water district in the town of Warra recently discovered E. coli in their water supply. Risks associated with E. coli can typically be mitigated by boiling the drinking water, however, residents are fuming because they were not notified of a potential contamination until nearly four hours after the discovery.
E. Coli In Towns’ Water Supply Continued »

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‘Boil water’ notices To Be Gone Soon

The town of Roxburgh should soon be able to stop boiling its drinking water. Work has begun on two projects that should take about six months to finish. A new pipeline will pump treated water from the lake to the new plant and this should ensure that residents no longer have to boil their water.
‘Boil water’ notices To Be Gone Soon Continued »

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