Brown Staining Removal

search subject: Fresh water filtering system
Comments: Domestic supply to the house comes from a local spring. The water is high in Fe and Mn salts and just exceeds European Guidelines for drinking water.
Perhaps you have some suggestions.

Water Analysis would be needed in addition to the above points.

I attach a copy of the most recent analysis (1999).
The water comes from local spring some 50 yards from the house and situated at the edge of woodland.
Our household comprises myself and spouse plus four young daughters in the 8 – 15 age range.
My wife is a doctor and is worried about the risk of Fe-related damage to young livers.
Apart from that we suffer the usual brown staining to porcelain and occasionally to white laundry.

I would be very interested in your comments.


July 99

Coliforms Per 100 ml




pH 6.3


Colour Hazen


Conductivity m S cm


Turbidity FTU


Nitrite Mg NO3/l


Iron m g Fe/l


Manganese m g Mn/l


Lead m g Pb/l


All you need is a water softener. It would handle the problem and the stains will disappear too

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