Boss Water Softener

subject: Water boss service technicians in my area
Comments: Can you tell if their are companies certified to service Water Boss water softners in the Green Bay, WI. region?
Comments: I HAVE A WATER BOSS MODEL # 93WR/93000 S/N 99165
I have a problem with my water softener. The reading on it is.02 And it is over flowing . i have shut off the supply. Can you tell how to correct the problem
My husband and I recently purchased a home in the country, and for the first time in our lives have well water.
The home came equiped with a Water Boss Filtration Tank. The problem is, no one told us how to use it.

We have added bags of salt and pressed the reset button, and nothing happens.
We don’t even know if we’re supposed to hear it click on or not!
It doesn’t seem to be working properly, our water is a little smelly and discolored.
The whole point to my long story is, is it possible to get a user’s manual for the model I’ve specified above?
We need to find out if it’s still in good working condition, or whether it needs to be replaced.
I would very much appreciate your help with this matter.
Thank you very much
subject: Free water hardness test strips
Comments: I would like to purchase a water boss softener but I’m not sure what model.
It would be helpful to know what my actual hardness is.
The well I have will only produce around 2 gal. per min.
Softener water consumption is a big concern.
I have a Water Boss 900 and I have had it for 3 months now and want to change the hardness setting. I followed the pamphlet which said hold down the set button for a few seconds first but I get no response. Please tell me the procedure.
subject: W B 93000 operating instructions
Comments: Working on a Water Boss model wb93. Is there a test cycle that can be used to
unsure proper operation. Has power to the unit but does not treat the water going
through it. Thank you
I have purchased a home with a Water Boss Water Softener. However, no instruction
manual is included. Where can I get a copy so I know how to set and operate this water
softener? I cannot find a model number on the unit. It is probably 4 years old.
I am having problems with my 4 year old waterboss (series 93) and the store that I
purchased it from has gone out of business.
Can you provide me with either my closest dealer or with the information to solve the
problem if there is not a dealer close.
My location is near Saginaw Michigan
I have a 8 yr old boss water softner and the side with the salt is filling up with water.
I was told that there are “O” rings which need to be replaced and that while I am there to replace the resin cartridge.
How would I find out what are the part numbers?
My Water Boss is not working properly.
When I first bought it in 1996 I had to replace the circuit board that was under warranty and it has worked fine up till now.
The watermizer light was not blinking when water was being used, so I followed the troubleshooting instructions about checking the sensor with a magnet.
My sensor is different from what is in the book and I could not get it out to check with the magnet.
The turbine may have been stuck because with water running I tapped on the IO adapter assembly and it started blinking.
That part will probably be OK, but I still have another problem, the indicator light does not blink. I turned off power for two minutes but that did not help.
Do you think my circuit board was zapped by a power surge?
Thanks for your help.

Here’s the URL for the Manufacturer of Water Boss. New WaterBoss Water Softeners are available online.

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