‘Boil water’ notices To Be Gone Soon

The town of Roxburgh should soon be able to stop boiling its drinking water. Work has begun on two projects that should take about six months to finish. A new pipeline will pump treated water from the lake to the new plant and this should ensure that residents no longer have to boil their water.

Mr. Winterbottom from the lake Roxburgh lodge says it will be a new way of living to be able to drink water straight from the tap.

He also says that the completion of the projects will cause a cheer from locals who have been boiling their water for over a decade.

Some folks ask How Much Bleach To Purify Water is needed, to which the current new situation shall avoid this question from being asked.

New health department standards have made it even more likely that they will have to keep doing so. The plant will cost around $472 000 (with a ministry subsidy of $370 000) and the pipeline approximately $600 000, which is more economic than building a second plant. Both are scheduled to be completed at the same time. After completion the town’s water grading will rise to a C from an E, it will be the first in the area to meet the new health standards. The new plant in the north will replace the existing one next to the reservoir. 

‘Boil water’ notices to dry up soon

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