Arsenic Water Filters

We’ve all heard about arsenic. It’s a major cause of kidney diseases. Yet, it has been found in 7 brands of bottled water. Guess what? Reverse Osmosis can remove arsenic! And their are many arsenic filters out there to get your water safe. The Safe limit of arsenic in water is 10ppb. Nadiq Water has 52ppb, Nation 20ppb, National 11ppb, Naimat 22ppb, Premier 16ppb, New Everest 31ppb, and Pineo showed 13ppb arsenic. The report showed 21 out of 75 brands of bottled water are unsafe and 59 brands were declared safe.

Chemically safe brands are 62, chemically unsafe brands 13. The number of microbiologically safe brands 72 and microbiologically unsafe brands 3. 75 brands were collected from 14 cities. (TDS) and bacterial contamination were also found. Report by PCRWR, says the consistent brands 50, brands disappeared 27, new brands 25. Drinking water quality is deteriorating all the time due to biological, human, and chemical pollutants. Piped water gets contaminated due to pipes near sewerage lines or open drains and all may cause many serious water borne diseases. 45 percent of infant deaths are attributed to diarrhoea and 60 percent to overall waterborne diseases in Pakistan. 25-30 percent of the diseases is gastrointestinal in nature. Poor quality of drinking water make people buy more bottled water which causes a growth of bottled water industry in the last few years but the industries were found selling contaminated water.

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