Ametek PP30-BB

Last December I ordered 3 water filters for a Big Blue filter.

The number was 155121 PP30-BB

The sizes are 4 1/2″ x 10″ it’s 30 micron – Pleated Polypropylene.

This filter no longer appears on the list of options. Is there a different number that replaces this filter.

Also, I would like to try a smaller micron filter (10 micron?) – what filter would work?

Thank you.

As you stated, the 30 micron PP30-BB is no longer available.

However you may wish to consider the R30-BB which is!

Then, to move down to a 20 micron filter, you may wish to consider the S1-BB.

Another low micron big blue filter would be the WP10BB97P. Thats 10 micron only.

DGD Filters may also be an option. There’s a 5 micron end unit, DGD-5005, and a 1 micron end unit known as DGD-2501.

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