Ametek Carbon Filters

I am looking for a US Filter (AMETEK) replacement cartridge
The number is 155153-3
It’s a carbon filter that needs replacement for my water purificiation unit.

The cartridge looks more like a GAC CC-BB cartridge with the measurements

The one I see online is 155153 GAC-BB Water Filter. It shows some type of cone shape in top if the filter cartridge that is not on the original cartridge.
The original measures 9 3/8″ high x 4 5/8 diameter.
Is this a direct replacement?

Thanks for your inquiry.

The USFilter GAC cartridges are indeed different from the other carbon and sediment filters.

The Item numbers 155153 (155153-03, 155153-3, 155153-43 all) are for the GAC-BB cartridges. Approx. 4-1/2 diameter, and about 10″ high.

The CC-BB cartridges is item number: 155411. That seems to be a discontinued item.

The CBC-BB are 155170 (excellent quality in carbon filters category)

Thanks for your input.
I guess my question is, what replacement cartridge do I order?

The one that I am replacing is the 155153-03 and it does measure 9 ¾” top to bottom flange and 4 3/8” diameter.

I do not see that one listed.

Also, you say that the 155170 is the best quality carbon. Will it do a better job, last as long and give me the same flow rate as the 155153-03?

I am looking for the best buy that will do a good job and what exactly to order.

Thanks for contacting us again.

A. If you wish to replace your current model number (155153) then select the unit listed above.

B. Best Quality vs. Best Buy vs. Best Flow Rate… Well, you can’t have ’em all in one single cartridge.

It’s not a 155153 as indicated [above].

The replacement is a 155153-03

These two are not one in the same.

I cannot find the 155153-03 in your suggestion.

Secondly, I was asking, will the 155170 work better than the 155153-03. i.e. better filtering with the same flow rate or close.

155153-03 is the same as 155153-43 which is the same as 155153.
The -xx is packaging/labeling code.

If you have a GAC-BB 10″ filter, and want to replace it, you may select the 155153.

You asked:
“Will it do a better job, last as long and give me the same flow rate”
Answer: stay with the GAC-BB. It’s a good filter. I’m not sure the other will last as long, and give same flow rate.

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