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Reverse Osmosis for Car Wash

Please help me determine whether or not this unit will suit my purpose of washing vehicles.I plan to attatch the unit in my garage at the water source connected to the hose.The hose will be connected to a pressure washer which uses about 2 gallons per mintue.

Will this unit cut it?

Also, can it filter out the sediments to ultimately leave a spot free drying finish?

Please set me up with a proper unit for my application.

A. You want to wash vehicles with reverse osmosis purified water. Hmm… I don’t understand why that’s needed. RO water is usually used for drinking, bathing, or food processing industries. I think vehicles can do without this expensive method.

B. A 50 gpd (gallons per DAY) system, can not be used for a 2 gpm (gallons per MINUTE) source.

There are commercial RO units available that can be used for heavy usage, however those are far more expensive then standard home reverse osmosis units.

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