How can I open a stuck filter housing?

Subject: 20 inch water filter housing

How do I remove the filter? Which direction do I turn in order to be able to remove the filter housing.
How do I remove a water filter housing that appears to be stuck?

If you are referring to a filter cartridge with a spin on type housing, you first need to make sure that the pressure is relieved from the housing “completely” before you try removing the filter housing.

If there’s still some water pressure left in the system, all your efforts may be in vain.

The housing is turned on to the unit clockwise.

So obviously, the filter housing can be removed when turning it counter-clockwise. How can I open a stuck filter housing? Continued »

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Watts Water Technologies

For Watts Water Technologies, it is products like Premier Reverse-Osmosis System that gives firm confidence that its a formidable force in the industry.

The Watts Water Technologies family of companies says their products and services are developed with five focus areas in mind, known as the “Five Pillars.” These pillars are: comfort, quality, conservation, safety, and control.

Their products are used in a number of places such as offices, homes, and industrial settings. Each principle of the Five Pillars system carries an important value. Watts Water Technologies Continued »

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Spanner Wrench for filter housings

Could you please confirm the correct spanner wrench for the Pentair 150067 filter case.

The 150067 is a STANDARD filter housing.

That would take the SW-2 Spanner Wrench. Online at Ahdorma. Spanner Wrench for filter housings Continued »

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Replacements for John Guest Inline Filters

Many consumers find it difficult to remove the old tubing from their John Guest inline filter or connector.

Once you know how it works, it’s rather simple to replace.

Follow the instructions at the above link. Replacements for John Guest Inline Filters Continued »

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Drink Water for a Healthier Body!

Here’s a good idea: drink water-to your health!

Instead of spending money on trendy and expensive ways to stay healthy and to lose weight, a turn of the faucet can offer a more natural and less expensive choice. Sports drinks are fine but your blood isn’t 92% Gatorade. Pricy powders and supplements don’t make up two thirds of your brain matter and muscle mass. What does? Good old H2O.

Concerned about impurities in your tap water? no reason to be concerned today with all the water filtration companies out there that will help you keep yourself well-hydrated and keep your insides healthy. It helps stave off hypertension, renal problems, and is essential for balancing your electrolytes. Your muscles and internal organs need it. Drink Water for a Healthier Body! Continued »

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Can you drink distilled water for your health

Can You Drink Distilled Water? Some say it’s healthier than standard tap water, since it does not contain any toxins or impurities. However, others say it is not as good as simple untreated water since all those so-called good minerals are removed and this may cause health issues.

(Note: This is not about different types of water distiller reviews, pro and con, which is mentioned elsewhere and can be read here. It’s only about the issue itself, unrelated of the device used.)
Can you drink distilled water for your health Continued »

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Testing well water for safety long term

A town in the USA, named Winona, needs concern about its water quality since its near the top of one of the greatest river water systems.

As human activists have demonstrated against hydraulic fracturing and sand mining, they claim they all need clean fresh drinking water. In overall, after testing the water about seven hundred chemicals are used for fracking which include radioactive isotopes.

Testing well water for safety long term Continued »

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Lack of Fluoride in water supply raises concern in NJ

Since many months ago public workers have stopped adding flouride to the municipal water supply of Hightstown NJ. This is according to an anonymous tip phoned in to the borough’s public health officer.

Workers have stopped adding flouride to the public water supply after a pipe broke in September of 2010.

Residents and public officials are concerned because the public was never informed of this. The public has been been drinking unflouridated water for 18 months. Local dentists have also expressed concern over the issue.
Lack of Fluoride in water supply raises concern in NJ Continued »

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Water More Scarce Than Fuel

One of the biggest issues across the world is the price of gas. I remember right before I started driving, gas hadn’t even peaked at $1. Now, the gas is so expensive you can’t even afford to go on long trip, on a vacation, or just leisure driving.
Water More Scarce Than Fuel Continued »

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Organisms Not Visible To Humans

Things are big, small, thin, round, and tall. Such as, people, objects, animals, and even things that a human can’t see (or touch) with the bare eye. What people don’t understand or realize is, what lies beneath the physical surface or structure and what is deep within.
Organisms Not Visible To Humans Continued »

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